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We treat each client with empathy and compassion and do everything within our power as lawyers to lift them from their vulnerable situation. Debt can leave clients feeling like they are underwater: Broadwater Law Group strives to be the ray of light that guides them to the surface.

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West Virginians

At Broadwater Law Group, our mission is to serve as a trusted and reliable source of legal counsel for West Virginians during their time of need. We know how overwhelmed, confused, and frankly tired our clients are when they come to us. Using our knowledge of bankruptcy and debt collector harassment laws, we work with our clients to devise an actionable plan that will lead them out of crippling debt and into a better tomorrow. In our eyes, every client helped is another ripple of positive change in our state that we hope will lead to a more fair society. Changing our clients’ lives for the better is our main priority; practicing law is just the way we do it.


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Debt can leave you feeling like you are underwater. Broadwater Law Group is the ray of light that guides you to the surface.