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Bankruptcy and Your Career

Filing for bankruptcy rarely, if ever, damages a person’s career prospects.

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How Will Filing For Bankruptcy Affect My Career?

At Broadwater Law Group, we conduct an active bankruptcy practice and speak with many people each week regarding their debt relief options. A significant number express concerns about the effect that filing bankruptcy will have on their careers.

While each case is unique, the general rule is that filing bankruptcy rarely, if ever, damages a person’s career prospects. In fact, prospective employers usually never even learn if job applicants have filed for bankruptcy. If one does, there are ways to turn it into a positive rather than a negative factor.

At Broadwater Law Group, we provide bankruptcy representation and debt relief services for people in all walks of life and at all stages of their careers. Our lawyers work diligently to obtain maximum debt relief for our clients, while enabling them to keep as much property as possible.

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Will an Employer Learn About Your Bankruptcy?

There are two important facts about bankruptcy and employers that you need to know:

  • Your current employer or a prospective employer must inform you if they are going to run a credit check.
  • Only employers in certain fields, such as financial institutions and some government agencies, require credit checks for job candidates.

If a prospective employer does learn about your bankruptcy and you are asked about it, you should respond forthrightly, by saying something along these lines: Bankruptcy is an effective means for dealing with out-of-control debts. Realizing that you had a problem, you took proactive measures to resolve that problem.

You probably have additional questions about bankruptcy and the effect that filing bankruptcy would have on your life. In a free consultation, an attorney at Broadwater Law Group, can answer these questions and explain your options.

Are you unemployed and face unmanageable debts? In bankruptcy, unemployment benefits are exempt, meaning that they cannot be taken from you in satisfaction of your debts.

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For a free consultation about bankruptcy and your career, contact Broadwater Law Group. We serve clients throughout West Virginia from our office in Oak Hill.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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