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Wage Garnishments

If you have been threatened with wage garnishment, it is time to bring the fight to the debt collectors. Contact our law firm for help.

West Virginia Wage Garnishment Lawyer

It is difficult enough living with debt collectors harassing you nonstop while you struggle to earn enough money to pay off those debts. Most people living under overwhelming debt are already only reserving a shoestring budget for themselves. Every spare dollar typically goes toward paying off debt.

When a debt collector threatens to garnish your wages, the fear is massive and immediate. You need the money you keep for yourself and your family. You cannot live on less.

If you have been threatened with wage garnishment, it is time to bring the fight to the debt collectors. Talking with one of our highly experienced attorneys can help you understand:

  • What your rights are.
  • What the process of garnishing wages entails.
  • What you can do to fight wage garnishment.

Guiding You to Calmer Waters

At Broadwater Law Group, we understand the law that governs wage garnishment. The process of securing a wage garnishment is lengthy. The debt collector has to file a lawsuit, win it and then file for the garnishment. One way to prevent wage garnishment is to seek an exemption. We can help you pursue an exemption that is able to protect your earnings. Our attorneys have the knowledge and skill required to help you fight wage garnishment.

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When your wages have been garnished or you have been threatened with wage garnishment, turn to the highly skilled and experienced West Virginia wage garnishment attorneys of Broadwater Law Group. To schedule a free initial consultation, simply contact us online.

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