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Our attorneys and staff are highly skilled at handling all types of debt collection cases, including those involving used car loans.

Default on a Used Car Loan in WV? We Can Help.

Buying a used car can be an overwhelming process. When you finally find the right car, getting financing can be extremely confusing. The loan documents are written in a legally dense language that is often difficult to understand for the average person. Any information on consumer rights is lost.

Dealers are not forthcoming with information; they just want to sell used cars. This often leads to individuals entering into bad loans with banks and being unable to make the payments. If you find yourself with a car loan, payments you are unable to make and repossession on the horizon, we can help.

At Broadwater Law Group in Fayetteville, West Virginia, our attorneys and staff are highly skilled at handling all types of debt collection cases, including those involving used car loans. We work on behalf of the consumer to deal with the debt and the zealous creditors that may be violating practices stated in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act (WVCCPA).

Our firm can also assist clients who are dealing with repossession issues, as lenders and dealers are quick to take back vehicles when someone is behind on payments.

If you are behind on car payments or are in default on a used car loan and are asking yourself “what do I do?”, contact our attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

Protecting Our Clients At All Times

We do not back down from any opponent in or out of court. Our firm takes pride in being the slingshot for the average “David” against the “Goliath” car dealers or banks. Whether you are concerned about how you are going to make future payments or are already behind on payments, we can help. Our firm has more than a decade of legal experience that we use when handling cases, and extremely skilled lawyers who are dedicated to helping clients in financial trouble.

Stopping Collection Calls After Defaulting on a Used Car Loan

Creditors are very persistent, repeatedly calling debtors and attempting to reach them in any way possible. These calls are not only harassing, but can be embarrassing. If you have defaulted on a used car loan and are being constantly called by credit collectors, our firm can step in to stop the calls. We are aggressive in the action we take against creditors whose calls are violating any and all laws that protect consumers.

Contact Our Attorneys Today

We understand how clients feel when they are in default on a used car loan. Get in touch with our lawyers and staff at Broadwater Law Group, to learn more about your rights as a consumer. To schedule a free initial consultation, simply contact us online.

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